The Importance of Curb Appeal for your Sacramento or Roseville home.

Curb appeal in Granite Bay by Premiere Home Staging

The Importance of Curb Appeal…

This is one of the most important aspects in Staging and Selling your Sacramento area home.  You must draw that prospective buyer out of their car, unto the sidewalk, and up to the front door.  Landscaping, color, walkway, driveway, the neighbors… all give a feel to the home.  A potential buyer will look for the home that views pristine from the street to the doorknob on the front door.

There may be a good reason your home is taking longer to sell than average. What is the first thing you notice when you drive up to the home?  How does the outside of the home make you feel?  Do you want to get out and see it? How does it look compared to the other homes in the neighborhood?  These are questions you need to ask yourself when preparing your own home for sale.  Put on the “potential buyer” glasses and really look at your home.

Well, you can’t change the neighborhood, and you probably didn’t budget for a complete front yard makeover.  So what can you do?

View your home from across the street or as far away as you can.  Take a look from at least 3 angles such as the right side, front and center and left side. Now take a really good look at it.

#1. Can you see it?  If you can’t see your home, you can’t sell it. Trees and shrubs are great and should be trimmed so that you can still see the house.  I usually suggest trimming trees up to the rain gutter line or the top of the highest window.  Shrubs should follow a same line as the bottom of a window trim. If a lot of trimming needs to be done, do it several weeks before you put the home on the market so that the plants have a chance to recover.

#2. How is the paint?  Is it a neutral color?  Does it flow with the rest of the homes on the street?  Painting your house bright Blue will attract attention for sure, but not when you are selling.  Remember, with potential buyers… neutral is key.  Start with the trim if you can’t paint the whole house, especially around the front door and front porch. It can be as simple as painting the front door a different color.  That can be a quick and easy fix.

#3. How is the driveway?  Does it have cracks, oil stains, garbage cans?  Your driveway is the largest hard area near the home, the material and look of the driveway and garage have a huge impact on curb appeal.  Clean it up and clear everything off.

#4.  How is the landscaping? Make sure that the grass is well watered, edged, and mowed. Flowers, flowers and more flowers. These little pops of color make us happy and cheerful.  Add some pots near the garage and plant away.

#5.  Can prospective buyers find your front door? Is your walkway to the front door defined?  Does it lead buyers to the front door or front entry? Make sure people know where your front door is, and then work on drawing people toward the front door. If the front entry area has a patio, create an outdoor sitting area to show another living space.

Curb appeal is really only part of the whole package, which means the small details are as important as the big picture. A manicured front yard means a manicured home in a buyer’s eyes.

Finally, don’t forget to tidy up. Remove the garbage cans, hide the hose, pick up the paper, etc. Curb appeal means a place that looks neat and clean, the kind of place you’d like to live.

Now… how does the inside look? Call us today for a consultation on curb appeal or your entire property.

Lori Kim Polk has been staging hundreds of homes in the Sacramento area since 2005. Call her Premiere Home Staging Team at 916-300-0402 to help YOU prepare your home for sale.

Granite Bay Home Staging from Simple to Sensational!

Granite Bay Home Staging from Simple to Sensational!

We just finished staging a beautiful Granite Bay home in Tree Lake Village. This home is close to Tree Lake Park and in a lovely neighborhood. Open floor plan, granite counters, new paint and carpet. Quiet, shaded backyard and corner lot.  4 bedrooms, 3 baths with a huge office and loft area.

After being on the market for 2 months, the clients called Premiere Home Staging. We offered a consultation for upgrades, paint, and flooring suggestions. Within 10 days our suggestions were implemented, and our home staging team brought in light color, appropriate furnishings to compliment the home’s architecture and feel.

Below are some before and after shots of living room, dining room, and family room of this Granite Bay home staged by Premiere Home Staging.

Home Staging Living room in Granite Bay

Home Staging dining room Granite Bay

Before and after photos of Granite Bay Home Staging

This home is located at 5220 Parkford Circle in Granite Bay. Please contact Elaine Bierstock at (916) 266-1366 for more information.

Home staging for investors in Roseville, Sacramento, and Rocklin.

Home Staging for investors in Roseville, Sacramento, and Rocklin.

I am sure that you have heard about Home Staging, but do you really know what an experienced, professional home stager can do? Let’s say that you pick up a property to rehab. You may have a huge job ahead of you. The condition of the property will depend on the amount of work there is to do to get it ready for buyers. This takes time and you don’t have the time to wait.  As real estate home stagers, we know your time frame. We know what the property needs to be updated, we know what buyers are looking for.  Consider using a real estate home stager to help you bring your home into market ready condition.

Premiere Home Staging is your Sacramento, Roseville, and Rocklin resource for home staging services. We offer consultations for upgrades, paint, hardware, lighting, landscaping, and more. We also offer exceptional home staging for your main focus rooms, professional photography, and additional marketing to insure that your property gets noticed!Living room home staging in Sacramento


Many of the services  can provide you with major discounts by using Premiere Home Staging.  All it takes is a phone call to get your properties in order and ready for market as soon as possible. 

Lori Kim Polk, owner of Premiere Home Staging, has helped stage and market hundreds of homes in the Sacramento, Roseville, and surrounding areas since 2005. Our stats say it all…..current DOM with our staging is 18 days.  Call us today at 916-300-0402 for our premier services. “We are changing this market one home at a time!”