Are all Sacramento Home Stagers alike?

Are all Sacramento Home Stagers alike?

It really shouldn’t be hard to pick a professional stager to stage your home. But with so many “wanna be” stagers and hobbyists, it makes it hard to know who to choose. Maybe their website has great pictures or they have low prices. Do you really know who you are hiring to sell the biggest investment that you own?

At Premiere Home Staging we pride ourselves in fulfilling all the requirements it takes to be professional stagers. We believe in honesty, integrity, and ethical practices. We strive in offering the best home staging possible for all our clients.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a home stager for your Sacramento or Roseville home:



You get what you pay for and price shopping isn’t the best thing to do. Whether you have a budget or not, going with the least expensive stager may get you nowhere. You may have saved on one end, but you will end up paying more on the other. The furniture they use may not be of excellent quality and could even be pulled right out of their own home! To professionally stage a home with high quality furniture and accessories is only part of the whole package. You also need to find the home stager with the best experience and expertise necessary to get the results you need. Ask if they will provide you with professional photos, a real estate show or virtual tour and if they actively market the property …… and continue marketing the property until it is sold and destaged.


All serious home stagers have their own website with their own photos. The website should have lots of pictures and relevant information for the area.


Viewing a testimonial on a stager’s site is nice, but you do need to ask for several references and follow-up with them. Have the home stager provide you with phone numbers and email addresses.


All photography on the home stager’s site should be of the stager’s own work. There are many online pictures that are easy to cut-and-paste. So, ask if all the pictures are of jobs they actually did. The professional stager should have many different pictures depicting several different styles.


You may have insurance on the property, but the stager needs insurance too. Ask to see current proof of insurance. A professional home stager must carry insurance. Only hire a home stager that can provide you with current proof.


There are several stagers in the area that do not have a contract. By not having a contract, it shows you that the stager is a hobbyist. A professional home stager running a business will have a contract. This contract would be preceded by a written proposal which is organized and easy to read. There should be no question about the scope of work and pricing. The professional stager is serious about doing business legally and ethically. The contract should be professionally written, easy to read, and understandable. If you have questions… ask!

And this one may be the most important of all…

Real Estate Staging Association

The home stager should be part of this organization as there is no real entity that oversees their business or ethical practices. Check the Real Estate Staging Association’s Web site at to see if the home stager is a member. All members of this organization are held to a strict code of ethics.

Home stager Roseville, Lori Kim Polk RESA PRO


Some RESA members have elected to work toward receiving the home stager designation of RESA-PRO.  This designation holds its recipients to business ethics, and integrity standards in the industry. Home stagers with the RESA-PRO designation are prohibited from using any stock photos on their Web site. RESA Pro recipients are mandated through this designation in a continuing education program. This insures that the recipient stays up-to-date with all requirements, ethical practices, and professionalism in the home staging field.

As you can see, there are several things to consider before hiring a home stager. At Premiere Home Staging, we are very proud of our qualifications and we know just what it takes to sell your home quickly and for the most money.  Do your homework.

If you are considering selling your home in the Sacramento, Roseville, or Rocklin area, call Premiere Home Staging today. Lori Kim Polk will help you stage and sell your home quickly. (916) 300-0402